Forgetful Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer
Forgetful Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer

Forgetful Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer

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Date Entered: 11/01/10
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Forgetful Rudolph

  1. Absentminded Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is shown to the spectators, and the magi talks about how Rudolph is very forgetful. He forgets where he put his Christmas list and how to get things ready for his famous Christmas Eve ride.He is so forgetful that he once forgot where he left his nose. 
  2. As the magician says this, he takes the nose from the body and vanishes it in the devil's napkin that is provided with the effect. 
  3. He then takes a balloon, blows it up, and places it where the nose used to be.
  4. Rudolph is very unhappy as the other reindeer call him names and make fun of him because of his balloon nose. 
  5. The magician tells how Santa has a conversation with Forgetful Rudolph where he tells him how unhappy he is to have him "lose his nose". 
  6. Santa gets a promise from Rudolph that he will bring all the good little girls and boys something extra and try not to forget things  anymore, and he restores his nose with a few magic words. 
  7. The balloon "magically" pops, and Rudolph's nose is restored. 

This is a brilliant trick for children and grownups of all ages. Beautifully constructed

Comes complete with instructions and everything necessary to perform this fun and entertaining trick!(except for the red balloons which can be obtained in any dollar or toy store.)


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